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It’s About The Food

written by Christine Auten

They met in collage. It was the 80’s.

They met in collage. It was the 80’s. Who remembers much about the 80’s? I know I don’t. I had big hair and a heavy dose of poor judgement. Ozzy (circa Randy Rhodes, please,) DioQueensrÿche, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden (links provided for those under 30 to put them back into the world I reference) adorned my bedroom walls and my DIY paper grocery sack school book covers. But that was me. Others had a very different 80’s experience.

But these two, they met within their own 80’s haze, and they fell in love. And then they took over his family’s restaurant. All of the sons of the family now run restaurants. Their mother taught the boys how to cook. And she taught them well – we can attest to that.

When we posted these images on Andrew’s (deprived) FaceBook feed, we got a lot of responses from people who knew this restaurant and the staff, and had very fond memories of their experiences there. That alone speaks volumes.


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