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It’s a Joke, Sun

written by Andrew Auten

This is about me wasting money and time.


We thought we would want a considerable solar/battery setup that would allow us to exist off-grid like modern Grizzly Adamses, ready to carve out a bright pinpoint evening of white-gloved civilization in the wilderness of dark, savage, godless, bear-gobbled darkness.

Also, I am an asshole who is usually wrong about most things most of the time. I know this.


That didn’t stop me from adding three 100-watt flexible solar panels that fed into a 40-amp MPPT solar controller, which then fed into four six-volt golf-cart batteries. I assumed this setup would power us for endless months as we hunted, trapped and pioneered our way across the American wilderness.

We had a kick-ass solar setup. But there was a problem.


The effort gave me the opportunity to re-build the battery cables, which had become all green and rotten, even deep in to the cables. This is bad. You lose a lot of volts, amps, watts, spurts and biscuits. Some of these terms are not accurate and you may need to consult a professional.

Well, anyway. We had a kick-ass solar setup. But there was a problem. The batteries were too heavy. We gave two of them away to a groundskeeper at Escapees Rainbow’s End in Livingston, Texas who needed the batteries for his electric cart that carried him about his day.

We have existed on shore power since. I assume the charging system, otherwise, works.


If we post images of us burning our own clothes for warmth and light, you can assume the solar thing was a bust.

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