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General Build, Major Pain, Private Thoughts

written by Christine Auten June 20, 2017

That’s an awful lot of brown.

This is pretty much how the coach looked when we started the re-build. Our plan was to cover the entire thing with bright and colorful paint. In this photo the range-hood had been removed along with all of the cabinet hardware. We had numbered all the doors and drawers with Dymo labels so that the raised lettering would be visible even after several coats of paint.

We cover the actual pain job in detail here, the floor install here, and other details of the whole process here.

This post is more of a meditation of the whole process. Some of it, mainly the planning phases, was really fun

The dinette was removed so it would be easier to paint.

In the right side of the you can see a bucket of dirty tri-sodium phosphate water.  It was a massive pain in the ass but we scrubbed down every stinking inch of the place with TSP.  Andrew is sitting on a toilet.

We threw out quite a bit of the original structure including the over-cab bed and hideous window treatments.

At one point we considered swapping out the original Atwood propane stove with a hella-groovy vintage stove we picked up off Craigslist.

In the end we kept the newer stove not only because it was lighter and more reliable than the vintage stove but also because installing the vintage stove would require some major surgery which was a bit of a schedule-buster.  Also, we would have lost a considerable amount of storage space for pots and pans.

Skipping ahead a bit…

Once the paint was done, we could move on to some of the structure and functionality.  On the kitchen counter are the remains of the A/C duct work.  The sheet of purple styrofoam on the lower left was used to rebuild a air-tight, well-insulated duct.  Also in the picture is the kitchen sink, new p-trap and a freshly repainted rage hood.  You can easily see the brand-new shiny-white fan.

Christine tests the under-bed storage in case the remodel kills her and I need some place to keep the body.

Nearing the end…


The floor is installed, the shower is somewhat finished, the counter tops are done.  We just might finish the damn thing.

Note to self: monetize “breasts.”

Xtine and her breasts finish sewing some beautiful curtains. (Christine Edit: I had no idea my breasts knew how to sew. Note to self: monetize “breasts.”)

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