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All Hairs Need Cutting Sometime: Lubbock, TX

written by Christine Auten

I always thought that, if all else fails, and we have to go outside our immediate skill-set to make ends meet, I would learn to cut hair. Everyone, eventually, needs a haircut. In all the small towns we visit, the one consistent and thriving business we see is the hair salon (with the witty, puntastic name) or the barber shop.

Now, to be fair, this is not entirely outside my range of experience. I say “range or experience” and not “skill-set” because, in my previous incarnation as a TV/Film/Commercial Makeup Artist and Wardrober, I have done my fair share of trims and clean-ups. But I was never trained to cut hair, and I can’t say that I possess any innate skill in that area.

Short hairstyles need more frequent hair cuts than medium/long styles. That can be quite a strain on the wallet. Hence the popularity of the barber shop – no appointment needed, give me the #4, in and out in 30 minutes, under $20.

I wear my hair just at my shoulders, with so many cowlicks that I have to provide a road map to every new stylist I engage. I need specialized attention that I can only justify paying for maybe three times a year – which also means that I need the extra special attention for a cut that can “grow out” well.

My more creative half wears his hair short. Until a chance encounter with an uber-Austin-handlebar-mustached-hipster-lumberjack who worked the custom kitchen counter at our local Home Depot, he just went to whoever I went to for his hair-maintenance. When we noticed said hipster’s superior doo, and asked about its origin, we learned that the authentic Barber Shop still existed. Apparently, that is where the modern hipster goes to look super-manly-hipster.

Now Andrew will never go anywhere else for his monthly hair up-keep. Luckily, as I mentioned earlier, traditional barber shops are not hard to come by in our small town travels.

He would get the “Executive Contour” if he had the Hugh Beaumont dome, but he was not so hair-blessed. So he rides the line between the “Fade” and the “High and Tight.”

Meet Joe Carrillo.

One of our first road-life barber shop stops was at Byers Barber / Haircuts Plus in Lubbock, TX. There we met Joe Carrillo, who invented a special vacuum-assisted hair cutting system that he used on Andrew. Think the flow-bee, but with real world implications. Andrew got the “High and Tight” with a twist. As Joe cut Andrew’s hair, a specialized vacuum sucked up all the trimmings. CRAZY!!!

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